My First Post

My name is madhur , Madhur Kapoor . I am a computer engineering student from Lucknow thats in India . I like playing computer games , watching football  and sitting on my computer and doing lots of stuff on it . I am just like other guy next door to you but you might find a change state of mind in me .

I am starting this blog because i like expressing myself and there is no better way than to pen your thoughts, ideas, memories, concepts, dreams and everything that goes in your head.One more reason for writing a blog is the feeling of actually be able to read all this stuff after even 40-50 years. Many years down the line, when i read this; i can laugh or cry about this. Its like preserving a dynamic album. Its like a long walk on a lonely beach and leaving my footprints behind.

The Blog will contain info about my interest and passions .