Manutd crush Wigan to claim League Cup

Manchester United beat Wigan 4-0 in the League Cup final to win the trophy for the second time in History .  As expected Saha was picked above Nistelrooy and he justified his presensce . Wayne Rooney was the hero of the match as he scored 2 goals and made various critical passes and attacks to justify his stature . Wigan were killed in the devastating 2nd half spell of 7 min in which united scored 3 goals .

Rooney scoring his first goal

Despite there defeat i think the Wigan side should be proud of themselves for reaching the final when no one expected them to . As for United winning the League Cup will not compensate for theere below par performance in the League , Champions league and the FA cup but it is still great to win a trophy for the first time since 2004 . I am hoping it will give them the platform on which they can build and achieve far greater things . Overall a great night for the United fans .