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Exam Time

My minor tests start from Sunday (ya sunday only ) . They will continue till Tuesday so i wont be able to blog during the time . It is very important that i do well in these papers as it will improve my GPA ( placement time is coming near ) .  So guys , […]

Nature’s Beauty

    I get these sorts of views from my hostel balcony when the weather is nice .It is so much fun to sit there and enjoy the cool wind .  Wind that makes you feel alive. You close your eyes and let it caress your face. It takes you somewhere, but only in spirit. You […]

Bink and Smacker RAD video Tools

Came across this Player while searching for a player to play “.bik” files . It is quite a good player and converter though i havent tried the converter but i tried playing .bik files and they played ok . This is a good tool for the gamers who like to keep Videos of some of […]

Yahoo woes

Yesterday when i tried to sign in to Yahoo Messenger i was unable to do so .  I tried a couple of time but did not succeed . At that time i thought that there was a problem in the server or the college has blocked it again but the same thing happened for 2 […]


When people (some people) say “-isms”, they mean words that specify a belief system–Marxism, Hinduism, Baha’ism. One day, for no particular reason, I looked for, and found, some -ism words that aren’t actually -isms. Here some of them are: anachronism aphorism criticism tourism electromagnetism exorcism metabolism rheumatism mechanism somnambulism stereoisomerism witticism