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In what marks the end of one of the most popular icons on the Internet, has announced the retirement of Jeeves – its loyal butler, in a re-branding and re-tooling exercise of sorts. As the company re-positions itself to compete with the likes of Google, it will now call itself simply’s homepage will not feature Jeeves; instead there will be several search functions and a toolbox designed to help users find what they are looking for on the Internet. Users can select from around 20 different types of specialized search tools that has developed. Jim Lanzone, general manager,, says that while search sites from Google, Yahoo or MSN require multiple clicks to reach specialized information, has gone a lot further. started out in 1996-97 as a website, wherein users could ask Jeeves – the cartoon butler any question and get an answer in seconds. Google arrived in 1998, with a page-ranking system based on the concept that credible answers come from sites having the highest number of links from other sites. Ever since, AskJeeves and other such sites have struggled to stand-out amongst the crowd., formerly, incorporates a couple of new features such as new mapping technology which allows users not only to search for a map based on an address, but build an itinerary with up to 10 different locations; the ability to create driving or walking directions based on overhead aerial maps; etc.

While Lanzone is hopeful that the re-vamped site will encourage loyal Jeeves fans to stay longer, even while attracting new users; analysts feel that the big challenge facing is that people are so habituated to using Google for search that even if has something better to offer – it may not matter to them.

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  1. pril says:

    WHAT!!!! you got rid of the search engine! why?

    As a high school student i found it easier to use jeeves than google.

    The search engine is around 100 times more acurate compared to google.

    you now have 1 disappointed customer!!!