Fest Diary

Our college fest which was going on for the last 3 days was “Rocking”  .

Day 1 : My friends Nipun and Nishkam who are from JIIT (sister institution ) arrived in the morning and i had to wake up at 7 am to go and receive them at Waknaghat (4 kms from college ) . Anyways during the day we saw the Dance auditons , took part in a programming quiz, saw Ad-a-meant etc . At night we saw the Fashion Show , Dance and the Band Performances which were amazing .

Day 2 : Woke up at around 11 AM and went to see the movie plays in which most of my friends were participating . Then at around 3 Pm , went to Shimla with 5 of my friends and had grand time there ( we walked on the Mall road , drank beer , ate Kathi roll , shot photos etc) . After returning from Shimla at around 9 it was time for the DJ nite and the next 3 hours was spent foot-tapping on some great music .

Day 3 : It was the last day of the fest and we were quite tired (effect of previous night ) , we took some rest during the daytime . Then At night it was time for the Celebrities ” Aasman”  .Yep we had a good performance from the group which was followed by the DJ  .

Next  morning said Goodbye to my friends Nipun and Nishkam , then came back and slept .

One Comment

  1. Narcotic Nipun says:

    Maan gaye bhai…
    Launda poori baaraat ke saath recieve karne pahunchaa thaa….woh bath alag thee kii college pahunchne ke baad ek chotaa saa kaand huaa thaa……..
    Par once we reached it was really a gala time…
    The Mc D visit at 3 in the nite was awesum.
    Kasaulii seemed to be damn good from the 14th floor of the hostel balcony.
    Met a few cool dudes Buddha, Kaanchaa, Randii nd my old acquaintance Rakshit.
    And lastly the Shimla softy, the Shimla Soup and the Shimla Champagne
    are unforgettable.
    Definitely, my bro nd his College rockz.
    Chalo c u again in Mar ’07.