UberSoldier Demo Review

Recently downloaded the demo of UberSoldier , an FPS from CDV Softwares Ltd . The Demo was of around 450 MB and was released on 1st March . The game takes place at around the world war 2 era and features a genetically modified soldier who wants to take revenge against the Nazis .


The demo features 2 objectives , in the 1st one we have to enter the Prison complex to resuce an organization leader, and in the 2nd objective we have to reach our allied forces and help them in infiltrating the complex.

Graphics : The graphics engine of the game up to date and features some beautiful shaders . The models and the environment have been beautifully rendered . The game physics are impressive , you can knock down tables and can see the objects kept on it falling down , Explosion effects are similar to F.E.A.R .  The game also features blood and gore .



Weapons : The weapons we get in the demo are a pistol , an MP40 , a knife , rocket launcher , grenades . We also get a timeshield power which can be used to stop enemy bullets and can even fire them back at the enemies .

Gameplay : The gameplay of the game is similar to any other FPS . The game has also added a “rage” element which is enabled when we kill an enemy by either headshot , or by killing 3 enemies in quick succession by knife. By doing so the power is incresed that can be utilised for timeshield .


AI : The AI of the game looks impressive , The soldiers communicate among themselves well and will be alerted when you throw grenades at them and will also use secondary attack during close range fighting .

Overall it is a great game with great graphics and good AI . The game is scheduled for release in April 2006 and promises some exciting things.