Opera 9 Preview 2

Recently installed the Opera 9 preview from the digit CD and honestly was quite impressed by it . The look was similar to the older version of Opera and since it was the first browser to implement tabbed browsing , it does this thing Best . Each Tab has a close button of its own which is absent in Firefox . Tabs can be rearranged by dragging them and it also provides a thumbnail view of the site when we hover over a Tab .Opera 9 also retains its panels which are windows allowing for easy navigation to data . We can also download additional panels from its community website . In view of Customisation , Opera have also introduced “widgets” (small applications which run outside the browser and can be used for showing weather , stocks , time etc )  . This version of Opera is also compleately cutomisable and offers far more customisation than any other Browser .  Although Opera was quite secure , This version has been improved and offers a content Blocker which can block advertisement if a site has many . Apart from a Mail client and a feed reader , it also comes in built with a torrent Client .
Speedwise it continues it previous traditons . It renders pages at lighting speeds, fast compared to IE and quite similar to Firefox .

With loads of new features and improvement it is really one to look out for but it might not get such popularity as IE since the new version of IE has also added several new and improved feautures and most of the websites developed nowdays are made keeping IE in mind .