My First Game

I was first introduced to Computer when i was in class 8 , some 7 years back . My father finally decided that it was time to buy one and purchased an HCL machine ( cyrix 233 Mhz , 16 MB Ram , 4 GB harddisk ) , quite decent configuration compared to that time . At that time i had no idea about computers , what the heck was “windows ” , i even didnt know how to operate a mouse . The next few months i was busy exploring the computer, learning all the new things like MS DOS , Microsoft Office etc . I had heard about the computer games but my father had instructed not to install a single one ( guess he was afraid it would spoil my studies ……he thinks so even now ) . Finally one day i decided to buy a tech magazine . I had heard about PC quest from my friends so i decided to go for that one but when i asked the vendor , it was not with him at that time and he gave me chip ( previous name of “digit” ) .

 I went home immediately and took out the cd . After few hours i finally managed to install a game called Hopkins FBI  . It was detective game of adventure genre ( didnt know about the game genres at that time ) and i had huge fun playing it along with my friends . Managed to complete the demo in 4-5 days . After 2-3 years when i had mastered the art of gaming , i decided to buy the full version of the game  . I searched various shops and on the internet but was unable to locate it . Even today i would sometimes enquire about this game from various shop keepers hoping i would be able to play and complete it one day.     


  1. Hello Madhur,
    Nice blog my friend. Enjoyed reading a couple of posts though your blog reminds me of Deep’s with the domain and Theme. You should get another theme or he’s gonna accuse you of copying.

    For the meta tags, open the index.php page, check out the meta part and add the keywords. If you don’t get it ask me hereitself.

    But for blogs, metas are useless. It’s good to have good content always.

  2. mako says:

    I got my domain and web hostine through deep . and this was the only theme which was ok in all the three browsers . So i decided to go for it . So i dont think he will accuse me . Anyways i saw your blog , it was awesome , you have amazing knowledge my friend .