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Recently Got this photo as a Mail. The photo shows a maoist playing with the gun with some children and one of them is around 2 years old. He must probably be teaching them how to use it .

That ass thinks that he has ruined his own life so why not ruin it of these children ” the world’s future ” .

Pretty Shameful . 



  1. Afghan is full of these things… really sad 🙁

  2. Buddha says:

    Hey… what a coincidence! I have the same pic on my blog, with most of the text being the same as well. Only the date’s different- my post is dated 13th March.

    The url is:

    I think the person who sent you the email and I think alike.

  3. mako says:

    yep i received it as a forward through email . Checked you blog . Man They look like they are the same . What a coincidence .