Instant Messenger Forwards

I have been getting a lot of forward messages on my yahoo messenger . Some claim that today is rose day , i love you day etc  . Some say that Yahoo is going to shut down all account who dont forward this message to there buddies . Many claim that an …. person is sick and yahoo has decided to pay 10c for every forward . Some claim that on forwarding the message to everyone in your account a new list will appear in the messenger which wil show all the people even if they are in invisible mode . Some claim that if you dont forward them within a day Bad Luck will come to you .

The latest trend in such type of forwards is the “add your name to the list  ” style . You write your name in the msg and forward it to your buddies . Your buddies will add there to the list and forward it .

The amount of messages have hugely risen in the last 1 year . Now whenever i login to messenger 6-7 such messages are waiting for me .

Dont know what people gain from this . If anyone has some idea do enlighten me .



  1. Now people are finding new ways to spam… I also get stuff like and at the of the day what can we do….

  2. Spreading rumours and mockery is a part of all idiot’s fun-making ways, there is nothing we can do to stop them, but act as a dead end for sure. dont spread the fwd anymore. 🙂

  3. Sandeep says:

    I do agree with Qwert Maniac, and don’t forward the mails anymore, if one out of thousand do this we will atleast be spare of receiving one less mail.

  4. David says:

    there will be always a new to spam. i also get lot of forwarded messages. i think the spammers found a new way to advertise. its like when i enter my messenger i get new “sites” advertisment… well it think we should not just add everybody to our contact list if he asks “do you have messenger?” that was my fault in the beginning 🙁 but i kept my messenger login, didnt want to create new one as this is almost 7 years old.