Yahoo woes

Yesterday when i tried to sign in to Yahoo Messenger i was unable to do so .  I tried a couple of time but did not succeed . At that time i thought that there was a problem in the server or the college has blocked it again but the same thing happened for 2 hours . Then i decided to go the website and check my Yahoo mail . There i got the same error that my password was incorrect even though i hadnt changed it . I was quite shocked that how could a person hack my account , remebering at the same time a recent post by my friend qwertymaniac  whose yahoo password was also hacked recently . I clicked on the lost passoword link . I was taken to a page where i had to enter my Bdate , Zip code and country . Luckily i remebered the correct info as i had entered the correct ones while making my account . But after submitting the info i got a response saying that ” For your protection your account has been temporarily disabled “ . I dont know what was the reason for it and how can Yahoo do such a thing . I sent a mail to there Customer Support but in there response they gave me links for ” Forgot password ” etc . I emailed them today again giving them full details of my account  and explaining my problem . Hope i get my account back . I have been using it for 6 years now and all my contacts are in it .  Have any of you guys faced such a problem ?


P.S. to Qwerty :  Are you sure your account was hacked. I mean the same could have happened with you .



  1. Somik Raha says:

    Happened to me too. Yahoo support sucks, they have automated responses only.