Nature’s Beauty

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I get these sorts of views from my hostel balcony when the weather is nice .It is so much fun to sit there and enjoy the cool wind .  Wind that makes you feel alive. You close your eyes and let it caress your face. It takes you somewhere, but only in spirit. You feel you all the master of the universe. You think blurry unformed thoughts of hills and trees, somewhere high and clear, and you think you can smell the earth and the essence of nature itself in the unbound wind.  Then you’re back, and the desire dwells up inside you to run, to climb, and explore and live.

The photos are taken from my cell so the quality is not that clear .



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  1. Narcotic Nipun says:

    None of those horrifying xperiences but yaa dat’s for sure,
    you come once to dis place and you will certainly lose your heart to Wakna…..

    The Zephyr would surely compel you to sway away from d nihilistic Noida nd d dubious Delhi, the places where I m pursuing my career from.

    Well, keep dem aside for a minute nd as d clock strikes 8 you can have the breakfast of d lifetime wid ‘Nature’ peeping slyly from behind the mountains. Now dis breakfast ironically wud catalyse the process of ‘fastening’ you to ‘break’ up from d city life.

    The rustic indigenous and there simplicity surely needs to be applauded. One of them really cooked for us at 2 in the night. Those Aloo Parantaas were awesum.

    Khair, the moments are innumerable, come urself and feel d heaven.