Exams Over

Yes Finally my exams are over . 6 papers in 3 days was not easy but still managed to get through and did well in some of the subjects . Now i will be watching movies and playing games and yes blogging again . I got the DVD of Prince Of Persia : The two thrones  , cant wait to try it out . Will try to finish it by 7 days .

But yes all this fun wont last too long . I got to submit 3 projects in c++ , Data Structures , DBMS  by the end of this month  and i havent even started one . The in the first week of May , my final Majors start  so i have a lot to do in this month . But for the time being  Two Thrones rules.

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  1. Shivaranjan says:

    Relax for a week and then start working on your projects with lot of vigour…. Best of Luck buddy….