Well i am not talking about crisis thats going on around the world , but the game “CRYSIS” which is going to be released later this year and promises to be mega hit .

The game is being developed by the German developers Crytek , yeah the same one that gave us highly popular FAR CRY . And it is dropping jaws once again with its secong game Crysis .  I recently downloaded its trailer from Gamespot and beleive me i was very much amazed by its graphics superiority .

The trailer shows a few graphical effects like soft shadowing etc but the thing worth noticing is the beautiful terrain that is being displayed . In the trailer you get to see the beauiful jungle from the air  . After that the camera comes down to demonstrate effects such as motion blur etc . Next you get to see a little bit of jungle warfare in action .  The game is sci-fi and is based on an alien invasion which sort of has a “end of mankind ” drama .  The game is very diffrent from Farcry with a diffrent story .  The game features diffrent graphical effects like soft shadowing , Dynamic lighting ,per pixel shading etc  .

The game will introduce various elements like destructible foliage etc which wil change the way we play the game . For eg in the game you will have to read the terrain to spot the enemies . The physics of the game is also awesome . In the trailer you can see a heavy machine gun cut down a tree and you can see the trunk falling over realistically .

With so much of graphics superiority and features , the game will very much require a powerful system having atleast Shader Model 2 . The game will have support for both Directx 9 and DirectX 10 which is going to be included with Windows Vista .  

The game’s release date is yet to be announced but it will be somewhere near the winter. With the screenshots and trailer looking awesome , even making Farcry look inferior , the game promises to be one of the best .


  1. CO_oL jus saw the trailer, looks amazing, //wishes a 7800 GTX…

  2. Hope it will become cheaper by that time .