Got My First Pagerank

Today when i checked my site , i was pleased to see that its google pagerank has become  2 . Whether it’s true true or not , i am happy to see that i have reached the landmark within a month . I have also started getting a few visitors to my site daily and it is good to see that when searching for my name on google , my site is displayed first . Lets see if i can improve on it .


  1. If you can do that for me Keith , i would be very glad .

  2. Keith Dsouza says:

    HI Madhur, just email me with your email address only gmail one, they accept only gmail address, once i have that i will set up your site.

    Cheers Keith 🙂

  3. Shivaranjan says:

    Hey I also got page rank 4…
    John’s tips helped me a lot… 🙂

  4. Congrats Shiva on attaining PR 4 . John’s tips are great , traffic has also increased .

  5. Keith Dsouza says:

    Yea John’s Tips are good, they helped me too

  6. jagsy says:

    John tips really worked 4 me too ,congo madhur