Cheating Becomes Hi tech

Well you all can call it Munnabhai Part 2 . In All India Post Graduate Medical Examination conducted by AIIMS , the doctors used a very high tech and tech-savy method to cheat there way through  . The gadget they used was DocuPen , a small pen sized powerful scanner which was used to scan and leak the question paper .  The accused used the Docupen to scan the question paper ,  and then after transferring the scanned data to ther BlueTooth mobile , they sent it out to there contacts via Multimedia Messages .

The contacts then solved the paper and replied via sms . Main things to know were that inspite of the Mobile Phones being not allowed in the exam centre , the accused managed to get them in and it remained unnoticed throughout .  The CBI has so far caught around 28 accused but they say that there can be more of them .

Well , this shows another misuse of technology . Technology has been made for the benefit of people but somehow many manage to misuse it for there own purpose . Will all sorts of gadgets being introduced now and there size becoming smaller and smaller , we are going to have more of such things .  Once a day will come when we will have Electronic sensors being installed in the exam centres etc .