Fort Minor : Rising Tied Music Review

Fort Minor : Rising Tied is the solo rap album of Mike Shinoda , the rapper from Linkin Park  . It is his solo album as a rapper and going by the music he has done an excellent job . Mike Shinoda along with Ryu and Tak (Styles of Beyond)  , have joined forces to create a group of the same name .

In this album he has created a whole new approach at music , sticking to the traditional hip hop . He has created every beat and played every instrument for this album  so all the songs will have quite a similar feel .

The tracks which are there are

  • Intro
  • Remember the name
  • Right Now
  • Petrified
  • Feel Like Home
  • Where’d you go
  • In Stereo
  • Cigarettes
  • Beleive me
  • Get me Gone
  • High Road
  • Kenji
  • Red to Black
  • The Battle
  • SLip out the back

Out if these “Remember the name” is my favourite , the beats of the track is great and in this the artists tries to explain what makes them tick . “Back Home ” laces the listener with tales of what happens around the corner . “Where’d you go (featuring Holy Brook)”  sort of deals with what  women goes through when there husbands are away . ” Petrified” and “Slip out of the back” have quite a Linkin park type feel to it . ” Cigarettes ” is a comparsion between rap and smoke as Shinoda analyzes how we buy both . The choir in the background gives an eerie sound as Mike delives a perfect pace flow . ” Get me Gone ” tells how tough it is being in Linkin Park . ” The Battle ” features a 30 second indie rap .

My Thoughts : The album aint that bad . It is sort of an journey through the mind of Shinoda  , who is an excellent singer and has got an excellent hip hop spirit .  Fans of LP  are going to eat this up , and might be surprised that how well Shinoda has made a hip hop album . The surprise is that Jay Z hasnt sung a line in the whole album . Overall it proves that the guy is capable of leading a Hip Hop group and a rock band .  

Best Tracks : Remember the name , Right Now , Petrified , Cigarettes



  1. I love Petrified(Drop that come ON!) and RTN(5% Pleasure) :P. Btw, hasnt Jay Z retired out? Yes Shinoda rocks 😀

  2. DOnt know about the retirement of Jay Z , but it could have been good if he would have sung a few lines . And yeah Shinoda rocks .

  3. Shivaranjan says:

    I love the believe me the most….

  4. SrWilliam says:

    “Thanks for stopping by my blog” Madhur Kapoor
    I will try and get out more often ( lol )

  5. Kitty says:

    I love beleive me and where´d you go!!!!!!!