How Internet has changed our Life

For the past few days I have been  thinking about all the ways in which internet has influenced our lives , the ways in which it has made our lives better and more efficient .It has greatly influenced our present lives . There is no doubt about it .


Communication : It has done wonders to reduce the communication barrier between the world .  I can imagine the time , around 7 years ago , when I shifted to Lucknow from Jamshedpur , I used to write letters to my friend then wait for more than 2 weeks to get a reply . Today Sending emails is the fastest and most efficient way of communication . No matter how far your friend or relative may be living , it takes just seconds to send an email and the response is quite fast . The instant messenger thing has made it a lot better . Now you can even talk to your friends or relatives , can even see them through a webcam when they are online .  It is good way of making friends also . I myself have made a lot of friends all round the country on the net .


Information : Another good feature is the amount of information available on the net . It is like an electronic library at your disposal , just type in Google what your are looking for and …voila…. You have the result .  You can get a lot of information on a single topic with the help of a single click .  Even virtual teaching and learning is also possible now . What can be better than that .


Reservation , banking : Now Internet can be also used for banking , reservation purposes . You can transfer money from your account , view the balance report etc by just sitting at your home . Even Railway and Airline reservation can be done with the help of  a click . Now no need to stand in queues and wait for your turn . Just open the site , click and book and your work is done .  Even shopping can be done by sitting at a desktop .  Even though it may be unsafe to use credit cards on the net , but  it is also one of the most popular feature of the net .


Business : Internet is also used for expanding your business by the help of a website . Now you can target a large variety of consumers from around the world for your business if you have a properly maintained website  .  Blogging is the trend of the new generation and with the help of your blog , you can share your likes and dislikes with the world .


Misc : Now internet can also be used as a TV , you can watch web cast of Live matches or even various events . Videos , music etc what ever you want it is all here . Now you can even find your Life Partner on the net .


But in spite of this , it has also got some bad effects . also probably made a few of us suffer a sort of addiction. Syndrome is indeed a matter of concern, with symptoms of “distraction”, “withdrawal from surroundings” and “prevailing in a world of no where”. But it also depends on us , how we spend our time on the net .


If you people have any more suggestions , do post them ..



  1. Sandeep says:

    You forgetton the main profit of Internet,
    Internet served as a media to express our thought, ideas and ourself….via a blog, web site or forums.

  2. stabani says:

    ofcourse Sandeep, some people/groups/organizations have aimed to insure thatthat freedom to express is taken away. 😀

    yay for the internet.. i’m finally free!

  3. Sonal says:

    heyy!!…thanks for stoppin off on my blog and leavin a lil comment..i was more than over joyed that some read it!! lol
    thank you

    amazing site by the way..all be it waaaaay too technical for my little head but still.. very interesting!

    see you around in cyber space!


  4. Sam says:

    thanks for this interesting article. indeed internet is a great information resource as well as income source. thanks!

  5. Javier Dorfsman says:

    hi, i am doing a work to my english classroom
    and my work is about how the internet’s donwnload affect our life. I wanted to know if you have something to sugest to me to do, maybe an idea.

  6. zainab says:

    hey yh i know it is affacting other’s work and they are coping it and this is called copyright
    soo this is the answer for your question…

  7. moe-music says:


    Thanks for this nice article.
    I needed this for my english homework!,
    Sorry 4 my bad english!

    Thanks and Greets