Why do we hate Microsoft

Well , I have visited many blogs and sites and in many of them i have noticed that they “love to hate Microsoft ” but why ? . Microsoft have come under criticism from its early days whether its deserves or not . A recent survey conducted by Forrester stated that Microsoft  comes last on the brands people trust .Even when Vista was delayed , Microsoft was criticized . Around 90% of us use the windows operating system , microsoft office , Media Players etc . When ever someone buys a computer and switch it on , the first thing they see is the Microsoft Logo . We all love Windows XP or 98 but still whenever a flaw is discoverd we are the first to criticise . Linux has also become popular these days but  i know a few people who have completely shifted to Linux .

The main reason is feel is because of the monopoly of the company . We use there product whether we like it or not because of monopoly . Some say they dont deliver what they promise .  Many feel there products are overpriced but assuming most of us rarely buys original product that doesnt seem a logical issue . Many claim there products are a mix of what others have done . but what is the wrong in improving upon something that the others have done . I dont think any software we see today is completely pure . It is the nature of Engineering , the only diffrence is that some people know how to make money doing it .

So why do we hate Microsoft ? because of the big monopolies ? because of the error messages , because of Blue Screen Of Death ? .If Linux is that cool , why dont most of us use it .  And if we are not using it ourself our finding it difficult to use , why do we say it is better than Windows . About the error messages , it is all about how you can keep you PC healthy or how do you maintain it . I am a Happy Windows User  .

Well i am not against Linux or anyone else , but i sometimes feel that the criticism which Microsoft receives is quite harsh .  




  1. Talkingtofu2 says:

    I Hate Them Because bill gates is a communist *cough*

  2. Lester Rees says:

    I switched over to Linux back in September of last year and have never looked back. I think the reason why I stayed with Windows for so long(10 years) is because earlier versions of Linux were way more difficult to install than the newer versions. I think that ‘user friendliness’ is the main phrase that will get Linux a bigger market share.
    The 2 main reasons why I love Linux so much is 1. I can do just about EVERYTHING in Linux that I could do when I used Windows. There is only 1 difference– Linux is FREE!!! No shareware, no licenses, no activation, ad nauseum. 2. With Linux, crap like viruses, spyware, etc. are total non-issues. I remember using Internet Explorer for seemingly innocent stuff & still getting my computer all infected with spyware & other crap, even though I did have an antivirus/antispyware program.

  3. Lindsay says:

    As a software engineer with 27 years experience using computers, I hate Microsoft because it has a tendency to make hard working people who have to use it look incompetent. I try to avoid all MS products like the plague because working with it is a non-deterministic experience, like walking on thin ice. Development tends to go fairly predictably and smoothly until we have to integrate some MS piece of crap into it.

    This the fifth day I have spent trying to integrate some very simple piece of MS into our application. The rest of our product is open source and runs fine. The MS component gives absolutely useless diagnostic information and is just intractable.

    After many such experiences, I can’t help but harbour resentment for MS.

  4. Mixer says:

    I hate Microsoft because i love a decent looking OS.