Sketchup : Google’s New Service

Google has just released Google SketchUp, a 3-D modeling program that is being Offered in 2 versions , one is free version and the other Google Sketchup Pro costs 495$ . The free version enables us to 3d models of Houses , sheds , decks etc can be created and can even be posted on Google Earth .

Sketchup pro is more complex and is basically for professional developers as it is approved for commercial use . Couldnt use it much due to incoming exams but it looks interesting . 

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  1. I like that “3D Home Architect” more than this sketch up… it was easier 🙂

  2. Jammin says:

    the random commenter strikes again

  3. Snehasis says:

    Google is providing services faster than Ramu is releasing hiz films………
    but one thing Google is better in.

    Their services are always hit, unlike Ramu’s MOST film which are flop(Darna Zaroori HAI!!!)