Exams Time Again

My end semester exams starts from tomorrow and so i will be very busy with them . I got to do well in these as my placements starts from next year and so i must have a good GPA . 6 papers in 10 days , thats a pretty bad schedule for final exams if you ask me , but anyways , it will  get over soon and after that i will be back home , free for 2 months . So i wont be posting anything here before 21st . I will definately try to visit other blogs if i get time but i cant be sure . DO bear with me and wish me Luck .


  1. Shwetanshu says:

    best of luck for ur exams!!!

  2. Shivaranjan says:

    Best of Luck buddy for your Exams…… Waiting for you to come back….

  3. Jini Kapoor says:

    All the best brother………………………….!!!!!!!!

  4. BoL Madhur! Hope you get excellent marks 😉

  5. Manas says:

    Best of luck for your semester dude.

  6. Snehasis says:

    Bread and Jam
    Best of luck for Your Exam
    (i know my poetry sux)

  7. Aalia says:

    All da best madhur……:)

  8. Jini Kapoor says:

    hi bhai………..xams finish na………

  9. Sonn says:

    love the new skin!! =)

    good luck!!!


  10. So how’d they go 😉 kidding dont reply 😛