The Godfather Game Review

The word “Godfather” brings to our mind the movie that was one of the greatest movie of all times . Electronic Arts definately took a risk while trying to convert the most beloved Mafioso franchisee into a video game based on the movie . And by the looks of it , they seem to have done a good job .

In the beginning of the game , you as a kid ,watch your father being gunned down by the rival Mafia . Years later when you become an adult your mother asks the Godfather to take you under his wing , and here you go , your life of crime starts . The game allows you to customise the hairstyles , size, eye color , eyebrow etc of your character. In the game you get a chance to buy new wardrobe and get dressed .  

You start of as a petty thug , doing errands for the corolene family , but you can always wander about in the huge city and do a lot of other things like taking extortion money , taking over rackets , hijacking enemy delivery trucks , taking over ware houses , hijacking car ,bribing policeman etc . The game also follows a storyline apart from the side missions .

Graphics : Grpahics wise i wasnt much impressed by the game , the game looks quite similar but somewhat worse than Mafia (Hugely popular game). Most of the buildings you will see in the game will appear to be similar . The game characters are designed well and resemble there movie counterparts. But looking at the city you will find that even Mafia was better .

Gameplay : The Game will very much remid you of Mafia and GTA . It is very much similar to the GTA series . for example to save a game you have to go to your safe house, there are car chases , secrets which unlock actual movie footage can be found in the street . The hand to hand combat system is simple and well designed . You can grab and punch your enemies , smash there heads against some thing , throw them off the window ,even use Baseball heads to blow there heads or Molotov Cockails to burn them . Shooting is also like GTA . Throughout the game , you will earn some points which can be used to upgrade your charcter skills such as Fighting , Running , Shooting etc . The game also has a respect level , the more things you do , the more respect you will receive . You can also earn additonal income by collecting Money , taking over rackets which go behind closed doors . The main aim is to become the Crimelord of the city while also eliminating the rivals .

Overall i will give this game 8.5/10 . The game lacks good graphics but it makes up for it in Voice acting and gameplay . Though the game is diffrent from the original storyline , it is still fun to play it . A great game to play and enjoy this summer .


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  1. John T P says:

    Nice review but include screenshots for the game next time