Germany Vs Costa Rica

Germany 4        Costa Rica 2

The game was the highest scoring opening match in the World Cup  and could well be described as the best opening match ever . Germany produced an  attacking display of highest calibre to with goals from Miroslav Klose and stunning strikes from Lahm and Frings helping them overcome  a lacklustre Costa Rican side . But the German Fans will be hoping that the team can improve its defensive display as even the Costa Rican team were able to exploit there inexperianced defense .

Except a few Die Hard fans , no one was expecting Germany to be a major force at the World Cup but this display will put a question on everyone’s mind that “Can Germany Do it ” . Looking at there attacking display and the Shots on goal and the amount of possesion they had , they compleated dominated the game but still they conceded 2 goals due to there defensive errors . Now if they can improve there defense , i am really starting to beleive that they have a chance to reach the final .



  1. Spaminator says:

    think final will be between England and Brazil

  2. hmm you may be right but we can never tell . Portugal , Italy , Spain are also underdogs and can deliver.

  3. Basu says:

    Germany really need to work on their defence. It’s quite bad compared to Kahn’s defence last time.

  4. heza says:

    I’m rooting for Germany only because I live in Munich and its more fun to cheer with the thousands of fans…but Basu’s right their defense needs work.

  5. time in germany…

    What A Great Site……