Winamp 5.23 released

Winamp recently released there new version i.e 5.23 . It is available in 2 versions to download . One is pro and the other is basic which is free.  The new feautures thay added is

  • Enhanced Media Liblary
  • Capacity to Burn CD/s faster
  • Faster Ripping
  • Encode music to aac/wma/mp3

But most of these features are available in the pro version which is priced at 20$ . But still the memory usage is quite high . So i dont think i will be using it much as Foobar gives me much better option while playing games .

One Comment

  1. roihu says:

    Foobar actually uses more memory with playlists over 2000 items. A lot more. 5000 items will cripple Foobar completely. Winamp has the same memory usage with one item and 30000 items.