World Cup Update

The First Round of matches for all the teams are over and it was really good to see teams like Angola , Ghana , Ivory Coast and lots more performing well on the big stage . It has also been disappointing to see teams who were considered as favourites under perform . First of all lets take a look at England , although they won there match , they didnt show that flair and attack that is needed to be the champions . Even Holland and Portugal didnt show much potential till the final whistle . But we saw some good performances from Italy , Argentina , Czech Republic , Australia , Spain . The best team performance which i saw from a winning team was that of czechs 3-0 win over USA . Now after that win , they could be considered as one of the favourites to reach the last four . The most impressive performance from a first timer was that of Trinidad and Tobago . Despite of playing almost the entire 2nd half with 10 men , they managed to get a draw with Sweden thanks to the wonderful goalkeeping of Shaka hislop . Even the Croatian team played well against the mighty Brazil and could have managed a draw . Now the next round of matches are about to begin and we can expect some more of this Wonderful action and lets hope we do see some surprises . That is the beauty of the beautiful game . According to me the favourites stand as (in order)

  1. Spain
  2. Brazil
  3. Germany
  4. Argentina
  5. Italy
  6. Holland
  7. Czech Republic

I have added a ” results page ” which you can refer for the results and the top scorers .


  1. Nice, but can you please make the list descending date-wise ?

  2. Nice idea qwerty , will do it right away .

  3. Tina says:

    Well, I think that by now we know the results arn’t going to be exactly like that. Like I think Argentina should at least be no. 2 and Italy and Czech should go a couple of steps down.

  4. Well , if Argentina continued to play that way , they will surely win , It was dissapointing to see Italy and czech Republic performing low below there standards .

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  7. Thilak says:

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