Hard Disk Trouble and Recovery

The Last week was quite an eventful one for me . Was too busy with my Computer Problems that didnt find any time to post on this blog . Well , lemme go in a little bit of detail here . 

Last week while watching a movie on my Computer suddenly i was confronted with the “Blue Screen of Death ” . After the restart the computer became dead slow and after more than one hour i noticed that one of my Partitions have disappeared . I restarted the Computer and it failed to boot . This was something of a shock to me as most of my data , including my projects were in it and i didnt want to lose it . I took the Hard Disk to a Computer vendor and when he plugged it in a computer , it showed only a single partition and the rest as unpartitioned space . When i told him about the problem , he didnt beleive me and said i must have accidently deleted the partitions ………….wtf………I really hate these type of people , they dont know anything and will try to pretend that they are genious . Anyways he recommended that if the data was important , he may send it to some data recovery people but i refused as it was too expensive . After Coming back i formatted the disk and reinstalled Windows , the hard disk was fine . I had lost all hope when my friend called me up and on hearing my problem , he told me of a data recovery software that he uses to recover the data . Initially i was not pleased , i have always beleived that Data Recovery was some expert job and was not possible by us , but still decided to give it a try . I got the software “Get Data back ” from him and voila ……..after 15 hours ……….i managed to recover almost 70% of my data which i transferred to my new Hard Disk which i purchased . The data loss was basically of my Music which is not such a  big deal .

Still i am unable to figure out why this problem occured , was it a Hard Disk problem or was it because of “BSOD” . I have faced BSOD before and have never faced such a problem . Anyways if you have some ideas , do tell me about it …Still A happy Ending to a bad incident . 


  1. Shivaranjan says:

    I think what you faced is a hdd problem you better have a backup of all the data in another hdd or in another computer. What data recovery software did you use to recover your data…

  2. hmm…. you may be right .My hard disk is under warranty but how can i prove that my hard disk is the culprit as it is working fine now .

    To recover the data is used ” Get Data Back ” software (FAT and NTFS version) , if you want it just tell me .

  3. Nikhil says:

    Hi, Am going through the same problem. One (System or OS) partition suddenly disappeared and shows as free space. I need that software (Get Data Back ” ) post haste. Can you tell me how to get it.


  4. jake says:

    At this site you can compare data recovery quotes, I haven’t seen any other sites that does that, was very valuable in my case.


  5. varun mittal says:

    hello sir,

    me too confronted with the same problem, h drive not detected, and being shown as unpartitioned free space. my important data is stored on it, need that magical software u used fast.
    lot of thanks in advance.

  6. Sem says:

    one can do data recovery by your self. Thats true. There is lots of free data recovery software, tips and guide. Reading that you can try you data recovery. I find one nice guide for Complete data recovery …http://www.datarecoveryguru.net/

  7. moon says:

    one can do data recovery by your self. Thats true. There is lots of data recovery software, tips and guide. Reading that you can try you data recovery. Firstly you have identified the main problem in your hdd after than you download deom verison. I find one nice guide for Complete data recovery services on this website:www.hdrconline.com

  8. rahul says:

    hi! got to your blog searching the solution to the problem i m facing….

    i was going ahead to formet my c: drive n reinstall windows. while selecting the space i wanted to merge the available 10 mb unused space in c: in the process.. the whole 40gb disc space became unpartitoned.. now as earlier win OS in also unbootable n the important data of the disk is far off reach…. what shuld i do… as after installing fresh windows i’ll loose everything.. plz help..

  9. i was using my laptop but suddenly i lost everything from my hard disk please help me what can i do to bring all my photos back. here in malta they can do nothing i have more data saved in it but i only need my photos and videos thanks. please notify me with your email.