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AMD to Buy ATI

Just saw this news on digg . AMD today announced plans to buy Ati in a deal worth $5.4 billion . There aim is to create products that can have innovative capabilities in terms of processing and Graphics . Lets see what it turns out to be . Read the Press Release    

Going on and on

After 2 months of Holidays my 3rd year finally started today . During the next three days we wont be having many classes as the Time Table is finalised and we try to select our elective subjects . Most of the subjects we are going to have this semester are core subjects ranging from Operating […]

Italy Rocked by match fixing scandal

Italian Serie A sides Juventus , Lazio , Fiorentina have been demoted to Serie B for there involvement in Italian match Fixing Scandal . AC Milan , one of the clubs under investigation will stay in Serie A but will be docked 15 points for the new season and will also be kicked out of […]

Azzurri rulez the World

To know the value of an inch , ask France who lost the World Cup . The result could have been diffrent had David Trezeguet’s penalty been an inch deeper . The game was set for Zidane to finish his career on a high by winning his second world cup for France but it turned […]

Search for a free Rapidshare Account

Thilak has posted a good article on his site telling users how to search for a free Rapidshare account . Rapidshare periodically releases free account for its users which are valid for 2 days . After 2 days they are not deleted but the account can be extended by user free of cost by collecting […]