Search for a free Rapidshare Account

Thilak has posted a good article on his site telling users how to search for a free Rapidshare account .

Rapidshare periodically releases free account for its users which are valid for 2 days . After 2 days they are not deleted but the account can be extended by user free of cost by collecting Premium Points . Points can be collected by Uploading materials and making other users download them .

I tried the latest technique mentioned in the site and it worked for me and i got a free rapidshare account for 2 days . Give it a try might work for you .



  1. p30time says:

    Please send me an account!

  2. johnsep says:

    can anyone send me an acount please?


  3. Joosie says:

    Anyone fancy 1month accounts? Don’t need them, already have one 1year valid…
    Have fun and share…

  4. johnsep says:

    ss – please acount premium

    ss – please