Italy Rocked by match fixing scandal

Italian Serie A sides Juventus , Lazio , Fiorentina have been demoted to Serie B for there involvement in Italian match Fixing Scandal . AC Milan , one of the clubs under investigation will stay in Serie A but will be docked 15 points for the new season and will also be kicked out of the Champions league .  All the clubs have also been kicked out of Europe .

The most serious sufferers are Juventus also known as the old lady who will be competing outside Serie A for the first time since its formation . To make matters worse , it will also be docked 30 points which will make it two seasons in the Serie B guranteed . To add insult to injury , they will also be stripped of there last two Serie A titles . The Club which has enjoyed vast success over the last few years , now faces one of the most shameful events in the clubs history .

The clubs have three days to appeal against the decision which i think they will all do but still there European journey is over as the italian Football Federation has to submit the list of European participants by 25 July . This will also throw the transfer market wide open as Juventus has got some World Class players and i dont see them playing in Serie B . There top stars include   Buffon , Thuram , Pavel nedved , Ibrahimovic , Trezeguet etc. For the next few days expect the transfer market to be in full swing .

Now it will be interesting to see whether Juventus will be able to recover from this and regain the lost Glory ..


  1. Spaminator says:

    I was having Lunch and saw this newz on NDTV that Italian Captain Cannanvaro took the trophy to sleep with him and some say now it has developed some crack/cracks or the base has come off.

    However, they have said that they have fixed the trophy with glue. FIFA have said that they wont fix the trophy before 2038.

    I was laughing after seeing the newz Cup+trophy+broken&id=29274&template=Fifa2006

  2. Spaminator says:

    link name didnt come properly, paste the whole thing in add bar

  3. yeah , it was in todays paper also . They couldnt even take care of a trophy .

  4. Spaminator says:

    Stupid cannavaro..

  5. Update scheduled?