Going on and on

After 2 months of Holidays my 3rd year finally started today . During the next three days we wont be having many classes as the Time Table is finalised and we try to select our elective subjects . Most of the subjects we are going to have this semester are core subjects ranging from Operating Systems , Microprocessors , TOC etc and even subjects like Social and Legal Issues .

I am really excited about the electives as they include .

  1. Computer Graphics
  2. Scripting
  3. Conceptual Modelling
  4. Nanotechnology
  5. Optimizational Technique

We have to select any 2 from these five and i would be going for Scripting and Computer Graphics . Scripting will include various languages related to Web Designing like HTML , DHTML , XML , PHP , JavaScript , Perl , Python , ASP etc. And in Computer Graphics we will learn rendering techniques etc , hope they also teach us 3d max and Maya . Now that is something i am looking forward to.  

Anyways i would also have to do well to improve my GPA as my placement also starts from next semester . Lets see what happens .


  1. Just a small query, what all factors do they see for Campus Placements?

  2. well first of all you got to meet there eligibility criteria , then there is an aptitude test or sometimes technical test consisting of questions relating to mainly c or c++ . After that there is GD and in interview they ask questions on languages like c++ , java , OS , Networking etc . Sometimes questions relating to project you have done are also asked .

  3. Ah ok, thats good then. Whats the eligiblity criteria usually ?

  4. If you have a gpa system then it is generally around 5.8 and above approx 65 % .

  5. Shivaranjan says:

    Best of luck for your placements madhur…. 🙂