The Lake House Review




2006 :Sandra Bullock takes up a job at a Chicago hospital leaving behind a Lake House which she has been renting . She leaves a note in the mail box for the new tenant asking him to forward her mails and inform him about the paw prints .


Keanu Reeves , an architect who is next tenant , reads the letter but sees something different than what Sandra has written . There is now paw prints and the house looked as if no one has lived in it for years .  He doesn’t pay much attention to the notes and restores the house which was a gift from his father as a present for his mother .


A few days later , things change when a dog runs through some paint and leaves the paw print just where Sandra had told him about . Thus the excitement continues , as they discover that they both have the same dog and after some more exchange of letters he tells her that he is living in 2004 . After some more exchange of letters , they both become convinced that there is a time gap of 2 years between the two . Thus the story continues as they try to bridge the mysterious gap .


Now some people may find the story to be a bit confusing . Even when I first about the story , I was also quite amazed that how can such a thing happen but still it is a great movie to watch . Some interesting facts to know are 1) Sandra is living in 2006 2) Keanu is living in 2004 . 3) Sandra’s character exists in 2004  time period . The fact that Sandra can tell Keanu where she was in 2004 and Keane can go and see her but the 04 version of Sandra has no clue of who is Keanu makes the movie more interesting. Like there was an incident in which Sandra asks Keanu to get a book which she left in the railway station in 2004 and Keane gets it back for her .  Really it is not that confusing . Just concentrate and you will get to it .


About the story , I think it could have been improved . The most frustrating thing is that we are never really told why was there a time gap between the two. But just get this thing out of your mind and you will enjoy the movie .  The performance of Keanu and Sandra are also good .  I am a huge fan of Romantic movies and so I liked it very much even though the pace of the movie will appear to be slow to some people . People who like romantic movies will just adore the film as it is quite different from the typical movies we have.


Now if you are willing to give your whole attention to this movie for 110 minutes will certainly enjoy this . While for the people who don’t like romantic movies, just consider this as a Mystery and you will watch with interest.



As for the rating I give it 7/10



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    Looks interesting, will maybe catch it later :]

  3. mr skin says:

    Sounds like Keanu did a great job in The Lake House. I am sure my wife will want to see that one. She always wants to see chick flicks. I would never see these movies by myself. But I end up liking them. 🙂

  4. mr skin says:

    The trailer for Premonition with Bullock looks like a must see in March!

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