Open Source…..Here I Come

After many years of working with windows , i thought that the time has come for me to give Linux a try and experiance what Open Source is all about . As i didnt have any knowledge of Linux Distro’s (so much to choose) , i was really confused about which one to install .  So after some talks with my friends , the choice came down Fedora Core 5 and Ubuntu 6.06  . Since FC 5 was available in my college LAN , i decided to go for it .

The installtion was quite simple for a newbie like me . I just created a partition as free space and the setup handled the rest . Even with most of the packages being installed  , the installation was simple and took around 40 minutes which was quite ok compared to the Installation of Windows Vista beat 2 which took more than an hour . After installation i was quite amazed to see the beautiful interface of the desktop and the login window , even better than Windows .

The main problem was with the mounting of the NTFS drives and installing softwares . As FC5 doesnt have inbuilt support for NTFS , mp3 , real player etc due to patent issues , it really gave me headache . But thanks to qwerty maniac , i managed to mount my discs and even got mp3 to play and so . For the past 2 days i have been working on it , and i am learning new things every time .  Lets see how far can i go ? Would love your recommendations and suggestions for softwares etc .



  1. @Garry
    I am currently using Suse 10.1 along with Windows . Basically i use Linux for development purposes . But since i am a newbie in Linux , i prefer Windows more . I find installing application a bit tough in Linux as compared to windows ..also most Linux distros dont have support for mp3 , java etc and you have to install it manually which can be quite tough …

  2. Jayahari says:

    May be you should try UBUNTU ultimate edition
    This has all codecs and other stuffs in it to satisfy your needs!

  3. linux s cOOL and if you like windows like look , u can try victor linux it s very cOOL .
    ubuntu s definately good .try live cd and feel the difference , ubuntu doesnt have MP3 plugins , but when u try to play music , it ask to downlaod the codecs from internet .
    so u just need a ubuntu disc and interenet to rock u r PC.