Themes , Themes , Themes

Finally after so many days i decided that time has come to give my blog a new look and feel . After consultation with few of my blog friends i decided to give k2 a try . Currently i am using TechnoBlue theme by John . It is around 4 in the morning here and i am feeling quite sleepy so i dont think i can modify it right now so my blog is not in the best of shape right now but bear with me and in a few days i will redesign it .

If you know any more good Themes to suggest do suggest them .


  1. John T P says:

    Madhur- This is the default look of K2. You have to select TechnoBlue Style under K2 Options in the Admin Panel.

  2. Rahul Gupta says:

    The new theme look cool. I have also changed my theme , do comment on it.

  3. Shivaranjan says:

    Welcome to the K2 theme group…. K2 theme rocks………..

  4. chinna says:

    Your new theme looks good , It can give a great look if you can chagnes your header.