Be Careful before you comment

The owner of , one of the top 100 blogs on technorati has been called to testify over the comments made on his blog . One reader of the blog is suing another after being slandered on the blog thorugh comments . Now this is the first time i am hearing of such a case . I dont even know whether a law is there for such a case . This might turn out to be ‘first of a kind case’, lets wait and see what happens

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  1. Gowhar says:

    We must be careful.

    WE too have private policy
    Yeah sure visit

  2. FLu!D says:

    Even i got a mail from HeroHonda to remove comments insulting their products in my bike blog.I didnt respond to them and nothing happened till now. 🙂 I think people have the freedom to express what they think .

  3. Mayur says:

    HI Madhur,
    i have added you to mybloglog 😀
    i want a link exchange for