Live ads in Games

A new form of advertising may soon be around to hit us . Advertisers who want to get there products noticed to 16-30 years old , EA Games and Microsoft might have a solution for you . EA Games , in conjunction with Massive Incorporated (a subsidiary of Microsoft) will be able to provide live advertising in XBOX 360 and PC games it releases  – first game featuring this will be NFS Carbon .

In the past we have had several games like Rainbow Six , Swat etc which are displaying ads in the form of banners , roadside signs etc.  The issue is quite debatable as well , as why would a person who is paying more than 50$ for a game be subjected to ads . I mean if the games were free , then no one would object plus many feel that sometimes the old and outdated ads makes the game feel “stale” after a long time . 

EA Beleives that such form of advertising would make a game feel more “fresher” and “realistic ” to what is happening in todays world . EA’s vice president of online commerce Chip Lange was quoted as saying 

 “Some areas naturally support the advertising. If you drive around an urban environment and there’s no advertising, the space feels naked — and if the advertising is dated, the game feels old.




 This looks like a good sort of market to make revenue . Plus with more and more people playing games each day , it is a smart way . What do you say ?


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  1. Aseem N says:

    EA – I dont mind watching any type of ad in ur gamez… but jut gimme the game free.!!! I Am newez tired of succuming to vendor offers for pirated games….lolz 🙂