Fifa Vs Pro Evolution Soccer

I am absolutely crazy about Football games . Hardly i day goes by when i dont play them . Now whenever we think of any soccer games , there are only two games that come to our mind and that is “FIFA” by EA Sports and “Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven” by Konami . Ofcouse i am not mentioning “Football Manager” or “Fifa Manager” as they are more management oriented . Here i will discuss the various features of the games …..the thoughts expressed are my opinion only .

My tryst started with soccer games when i first got hold of FIFA 2001 . I was very much impressed by thr gameplay and the graphics which was very well considering that time . The game was followed by FIFA 02 , 03 , 04 , 05 etc . Each game proved to be much better than its predecessor in terms of Gameplay , graphics , commentary and i spent hours playing each one of them . But at that time i hadnt heard of Konami Pro Evo SOccer as at that time it was mainly available for the consoles and even the gaming industry was almost entirely monopolized by FIFA . But around 2 years back , i got a chance to try out the demo of PRO EVO SOCCER 4 and beleive me i forgot FIFA from that day . The gameplay which PRO EVo SOCCER offered was way much better than that of FIFA . The player’s movement were damn realistic ,the flexibility in the game play , graphics which i found better than FIFA etc got me hooked . The game improved with Pro Evo Soccer 5 whereas i found that EA didnt give much attention to FIFA as there recent releases FIFA 06 and FIFA WOrld CUP 06 …..even FIFA 05 was lot better than them . Now Lets take a look at some comparsion points between the two .


1-> Graphics wise FIFA seemed to be doing well with each release until they released FIFA World Cup 06 ….the graphics of latest installment is damn bad compared to the level of graphics we have in the Games of today . Pro Evolution Soccer on the other hand offers much realistic modeled characters which are as equivalent to there real life counter parts . Even the Stadiums are beautifully rendered .

2-> FIFA wins by a large margin when it comes to Licensed teams and tournaments . They got license for almost all the teams in the World and you can even play in all the major leagues in the World . PES 5 lacks in this respect but i think that will change when there next installement comes out .

3 ->The League system of FIFA is also lot better than that of PES 5 . You got a carrear mode which is just great and you have little bit of management involved in it too , you can even buy and sell players just like real life managers do , you have to meet the expectations of the board othewise you can be sacked . PES occurs a Master League Mode where some amount of trading and training is involved but i dont think that it can match FIFA as of now .

4-> Commetary wise i cant say much but i find FIFA to be much better .

5 ->But the most important thing is the gameplay and in this regard PES is much better than FIFA . In Fifa the game play is quite good but it tends to get boring after a while as you score almost the same type of goal every time and you can even make a player run all the way from your half and score a goal . But such is not the case with PES . The gameplay is much more realistic than FIFA , even the goal scoring ways are so much diffrent everytime you score . The controls of PES are also amazing and offers you to do a variety of things with the ball ( harder to master ).

Overall i find PES much better than FIFA , there are a lot of people who find FIFA better but i think many of them havent given PES a try , do try it and beleive me you will get hooked .

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    FIFA 10 or PES 2010>>??? U TELL ME!