Well the past few weeks have been quite hectic for me .  College is going well but the workload has increased a lot plus with additional preparations for GRE and other placement activities I hardly get time to do other things which I enjoy  .  As you may noticed , I have again updated my theme with a revised version of TechnoBlue by John . The latest version is much easier to edit for newbie like me and it is much more ads friendly  .
FIFA 07 demo is finally out and I am downloading it right now .  Expect a review in the next couple of days . Lets hope EA can give me something to cheer about this time .
Am also playing Half Life 2 Episode 1 these days. The game continues from where the previous game left . It doesn’t appear to be much in length like the previous but since I don’t get much time for it I think i might finish it in 10 days. Expect a review of it too.
Been also watching quite some movies lately . Some of them are

Ultimate Avengers  : A Marvel comics animated movie featuring Captain America , Thor and lots of there other creation  . Am not a big fan of these types of movies but decided to give it a try and didn’t find it very bad.
JohnSon Family Vacation : A timepass comedy movie . Watch it if you got nothing better to do .
Good Will Hunting : A must watch movie for anyone . Matt Damon and Robin Williams are superb .
The Game : A great thriller movie featuring Michael Douglas , the plot will definitely keep you busy till the end . 


  1. mr skin says:

    Hey, just heard they are making a Bourne 3 movie. I loved the first 2. Anybody know when it might come out?

  2. mr skin says:

    I heard Robin Williams new flick Man of the Year isn’t doing so well at the box office? It looks like a great movie though. I love the guy, ever since I first saw him on Mork and Mindy.