Fifa 07 Demo Hands on

Well EA Sports is once again back with there much awaited demo of FIFA 07 . The demo is of around 568 MB in size and after playing it for a couple of days i can say that it is much better than its previous versions .

The demo contains 6 teams from around the world like Manchester United , Barcelona , Werder Bremen , Lyon , AC Milan and one from the Mexican division . The demo doesnt let you modify any of the graphics setting or let you know in which difficulty level are you playing and features 4 minutes of good gameplay . The demo features a single stadium only and which is none other than the new “Emirates Stadium” of Arsenal  .

Gameplay : Gameplay is much more improved than the previous version . You can pass the ball around , do some wonderful tricks with players such as Ronaldo or Ronaldinho etc . Scoring is also not that much easy here , though experianced players will find it easy , the keeper is much more realistic , they tend to punch a lot when crosses come in, and sometimes miss, dont get enough purchase on the ball etc… . The new physics on the ball are also cool, it bounces up awkwardly on occasions making it difficult to control, especially as the opposition applies the pressure on you. Handball is still in the game, and you can now earn (or giveaway) silly freekicks when jostling for the ball when its in the air.  Some nice animations when this occurs as well, you can see the players actually leaning back, etc. EA have also focused on skill moves this time . The animation is top drawn and much more fluid .

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Graphics : As always the graphics of the game are top notch . The stadium has been made beautifully , the players are realistically modeled , they resemble there real life counterparts but few exceptions are always there and there are various faces available all over the net so who cares . The demo doesnt give you any option with respect to the graphics setting so i cant tell at what setting is the game running but still it was looking like  a real thing .

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Sound : Overall the commentary is pretty damn good – i’ve not heard a repeat line as yet and have played a lot of 45 min halfs so far!. Crowd noise is good and I like the way its all loud out on the pitch, but when it cuts to inside the tunnel (for the prematch cinematics), the noise goes quieter and more muffled as your inside.

Overall by looking at the demo , the game looks pretty much a lot better than FIFA 06 . And the full version will even have a real life mode where you can play a match on the net when your favourite club plays it in real life . So it is sort of a representing your club online . There is also a raptor patch available for the demo which can give you a slight customisation option but i am yet to try it .



  1. kioko says:

    YES fifa06 is a definate improvement over 06 and05 in trems of gameplay but they could have done better on graphics,

  2. kioko says:

    Hey People yesterday i was running the demo from and Finally got my fifa 07 cd, so farrrr its the greatest game ever and ill have to get a new graphics card coz i have never upgraded frm 64mb,,,

  3. kioko says:

    About fifa worldcup 2006 ,,,PLLLLLEEEASEEE dont buy that crap

  4. ian Baker says:

    your all wrong fifa 07 is quality a great game

  5. god says:

    hahahahahha ur a poopy dieper fish