F.E.A.R Extraction Point demo hands on

F.E.A.R Extraction Point : The expansion to the game that won the multiple “game of the year ” awards is soon to be released and by the looks of the demo it promises to bring more of action , more of blood , more of adrenalin , more ALMA and finally more of FEAR . If you have already played “FEAR” then you dont need any persuasion but if you havent , do download and play this masterpiece .

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The expansion starts from where the original ended .There is the recap of the chopper ride and the explosion , the chopper crashes but you survive . Then there is ALMA who is still alive in the spirit form and she controls and she controls all the physic soldiers . Graphics wise there aint much diffrence from the original but in the gameplay point of view it rocks .  You get a chance to try out some weapons including Shotgun , pistol , Rifle , rocket launcher,grenades , mines but my favourite is the “mini-gun” . Use this on the enemy in the bullet time mode and you can actually see him being shred to pieces . The game physics are as cool as ever . Throw a grenade near by and you can watch all the objects flying around , even the enemies .  Even the fire effects looks damn cool .

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The AI of the game is simply superb . When they will spot you they will immediately look for cover by throwing a table etc , and there team management has also improved . As you play the game you will also feel the presensce of ALMA , quite often . The creepy haunting effect might even send chills down your spine (dont beleive me , play it all alone in the room with the lights turned off) . In the end of the demo you get to meet the “camouflage” creatures , these are barely visible , much more faster and harder to kill .

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The demo is quite short for my liking , it can be compleated in around less than 30 minutes but you can play it over and over again . Try it harder difficulties to really enjoy it . But the game requires quite a heavy system . I played it at my comp with GeForce 6200 in lowest graphics using DX 9 shaders and it worked fine .The game gives you more of “F.E.A.R” which i dont think is a problem for anyone , you will find lot of similarities in the original and expansion but come on who is complainig . Just download and  play .

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  1. Aseem N says:

    Man I was a voracious gamer once. But then all the best games demanded a good high end graphix card and I lost interest in all those lame graphix that rendered on my screen otherwise. Now life has got too busy to end up gaming… lol!