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Well we all love gaming dont we . In this post i look at few of the people who have made a diffrence in this field, without them the gaming scenario would have been very much diffrent .

John Carmack

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If you are a true action gamer , you would recognize him at once . If not for him , we wouldnt have experianced the legendary FPS -> DOOM which is regarded as one of the best action games of all times . He is also the co-founder of id Software and is also behind the DOOM 3 engines which is being used in games like Quake 4 , Prey etc .


Gabe Newell

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt was Gabe Newell and his co developers which were the creative force at Valve behind the ever popular Half Life game in 1998 and they bettered it with the release of Half Life 2 , Half Life 2 Episode 1 and one more to follow . And who can forget the “source” engine .


Yannis Mallat

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This man is the driving force behind some of UbiSoft’s most successful games like the Ghost Recon series and the Prince of Persia series . 

Larry Probst 

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Game industry cant be compleate without the mention of EA and he is the man behind handling the multi billion dollar empire . And by the looks of it he seems to have done a decent job . After acquaring half the World (lot of gaming companies are now owned by EA) he is currently working in certain strategies that may put them on top once again . 

Will Wright

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The Father of Simulation games : if it wouldnt have been for him we wouldnt have liked or hated “The Sims” . And he is going to re-invent the genre with his new game “Spore”

Well there are a lot of other ones worth mentioning but i have selected the top 5 for the PC .

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