Age Of Empires III: The Warchiefs Demo hands on

The ‘Age of Empires franchisee’ (one of the best strategy games of all time)  is still going strong . Although the third installment of the series which was released last year contained few bugs , but it did enjoy vast success . Now once again Ensemble Studios are back with another expansion of the series known as “Age of Empires III : The Warchiefs” . One of the major reasons for the success of the last installment was the story line which followed the lifes of the ‘Black’ family thorugh various ages , from the European to the new world and the fight against the columnist . The new installment features some of the historical aspects of the story which was untouched previously and it lets us command the native American civilization .

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The demo features 2 missions from the campaign mode and the skirmish mode . In the Campaign mode we are given charge of the Iroquois civilization led be Nathaiel Black and his native American counterpart in the fight against Mohawks and the germans . Though the demo is short but it gives us a fair idea of what to expect . In playing as the native civilizations , you would get the feel of a nomadic lifestyle , there rituals etc . Each native civilization will be led by a unique WarChief which will grow in power as the game progress . He will also have some special abilities to use throughout the game .  Much like in the original, the Native Americans will have their own version of the Home City, called the Tribal Council. The idea remains the same though. Your home city will provide economic and military shipments during campaigns. Some of the units woth mentioning in the the native civilization are the ‘Forst Prowler ‘ -> warriors like spies who can also hide in the bushes to attack the enemies , ‘Falconer’  ->much like the original used to harm buildings . I also noticed a Firepit in the civilizations in which people can pray and which in turn will grant you some unique power like more population , faster villagers , more hit points etc . The resources which we have to collect are the same as in previous versions “food , wood , coin” etc . 

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In the skirmish mode we can play a 2 player Supremecy or Deathmatch game in the beautiful coast of California either as the Germans or the Iroquois .As you collect resources you will progress thorugh the ages and also selecting a politician for each age . The graphics of the game are beautiful enough , you can see the colourful trees , watch the birds files etc . And the water effects looks ultra cool . Try blowing up a building and watch the building smash to pieces . And with Anti Aliasing turned on the effects are mind blowing . You might even want to appreciate the nature .

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The sound of the game is equally good . You can hear the sound of animals , the people cutting wood , bullet , swords , arrows and they will all look so real . The full version will feature a two more native civilizations ” the Sioux  and the Aztecs” . and the campaign will hae 15 scenarios which will tell the story of two new generations of ‘Black’ Family . The game feels a bit harder than the previous ones and the AI of the computer is very much better . Technically the game also runs much smoother than the previous version even at high settings . By looking at it the game does look promising , lets wait and see what happens when it ships

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Graphics : 9/10
Sound     : 8/10

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  1. Though it might not be great, am gonna get this to complete my collection till date.

    Teh Aztecs!