It’s been nearly a month since i last posted on this blog …and trust me I have been really busy during this time …first i had my exams , then i got a week vacations and during that time i just decided to rest , rest and rest . After vacations i got busy with my college project which was an “e commerce” site and after a weeks encounter with Dreamweaver , php , my sql ,  css and stuff i finally completed it today …. and i am free for some time …A lot has happened on the net during this time on which i would have loved to write about …lets mention some of these things here briefly

The browser war seems to be starting once again with the release of IE7 and FF2 . I tried IE7 and surprisingly it passesd the validation test even though the beta version failed it . TO be honest it is much better than the previous versions and finally tabbed browsing is implementes….i guess i will stick with it for sometime now..

It was good to see XBOX 360 being officially released in INDIA …

I finally removed Fedora 5 as i couldnt get much hang of it ….now looking forward to trying SUSE 10 .

There has been a lot happening in the gaming world ….got myself FIFA 2007 and Company of Heroes ,,Company of Heroes is great but FIFA again disappoints

Football Manager 2007 is out and thanks to torrents i got it just after a day of its release and beleive me i am addicted to it .

Pro evolution soccer 6 is out along with the demo is out ….tried the demo and once again it’s gameplay is much more better than FIFA ….might write bout it later

NFS Carbon demo is out …..the dark streets are back ….do give it a try or wait for hands on experiance which i will post in a day or two .. 

And now do expect regular posts from me….


  1. Cool, I got Warchief Expansion and Sims 2: Pets a day back, will try them soon.

  2. Shivaranjan says:

    Welcome back Madhur … 🙂

  3. @qwerty
    Cool games man , btw i heard that Hillary Duff makes an apperance on Sims 2

    @ Shiva
    Thanks man

  4. Rahul Gupta says:

    Hey madhur , I deleted my blog for some reasons and Now it has been registerd by someone else , so please remove the link to my ex-blog from ur blogroll.

  5. Thilak says:

    I had almost unsubscribed to your feed, but then I saw this post. Good to see you back Madhur.. Keep posting

  6. @rahul
    so are you planning to start a new blog..

  7. Rahul Gupta says:

    Not in near future , I am kinda screwed up these days.
    Please remove my link from ur blogroll yaar.

  8. Abhinav says:

    Welcome back and hope to see you active now.