Pro Evolution Soccer 6 hands on

The soccer gaming season is on as two of the of the giants that rule the market are back with the installment of there latest offerings but once again i fell that PES 6 takes an edge over FIFA 07 . Both games are out now in the market and it will be interesting to see which game appeals to the fans this time….but …whoa …lets talk about PES 6 for the time being .

The demo is a mere 207 MB and features 4 international teams SWEDEN , SPAIN ,CZECH and the WC winners ITALY . Only a single stadium is available and not much customization options are given for the game but one nice point is that you get to play a full match of 6 minutes each half .¬† The graphics are once again amazing with each player resembling the real life counterpart . But this time Konami has definately made changes to its engine with the gameplay being much more realistic than before . Passing and dribling the ball is much more real life now …to score a goal you need to create some very good passing movements …Shooting is also sightly difficult now ..if you are not in a good position you may find your shot going over the net …player movements are more realistic than ever ..just see a player going for a header and then you will know and many times you will see players collide …

One new feature that i found in the game is the ability to take quick free kicks ….when ever a player is fouled you will get an option to¬†quickly resume the game . The option window of a player is also tweaked and player gets a chance to make advanced setting aur simple settings …One dissappointing thing is that i feel that once again the game lacks the licenses of the teams …but who cares…since it makes up for it through it brilliant gameplay..The full game will also feature a new “International challenge” mode …The full game has already been released and i cant wait to but it . Once again i will prefer it over FIFA …Hats off to KONAMI.

PS : I will put the screenshots in a day or two…


  1. Amal says:

    Glad to meet you here. I’m surfing net for the informations about PES6. I’ve been the fan of PES for years. These days, My friend and I intend to play it on 2 computer connected by LAN. But we can manage it. Hope that you can show me the way!
    Thanks and have a nice day!

  2. @Amal
    Hi , PES 6 cant be played on LAN . I have been trying that too but currently there are no patches or tricks available . The only version you can play on LAN is PES 4 .

  3. Amal says:

    The news makes me feel so disappointed! Anyway, Thanks and Have fun with PES.

  4. joker says:

    why wont anybody please tell me how to do skills like doing the ronaldhino and stuff, i mean this is completely mad! im not buy the expert guide for 12 quid for one little trick! please tell me how to do all sorts of tricks “smiley face”