Keep Going Sir Alex


6th November 1986 , Sir Alex Ferguson took charge of Manchester United , and today he celebrates a historic achievement of being in charge of the club for 20 years . Though it took 3 years for him to finally win a silverware …but after that there was no stopping . Without him Man Utd wouldnt have been so successful as they are today . It is now inpossible to imagine Manchester United without him..probably the greatest manager of all the time..even after so many years his desire and passion to win trophy’s remains the same . I hope he continues for more than 10 years .. This post is just my tribute to this great man…


  1. Tina says:

    Nice post 😀 Fuck those who says he should resign. Manchester is going strong like ever, and Sir Ferguson definitely has something to do with it!

  2. Right said Tina …He should definately be given a contract for life ..

  3. I second the contract for life idea! He is the best and Manchester Utd are GOING to win the league this season!