Need For Speed : Carbon

When i first started the game , the first thing i noticed was ….shit this game needs a kick ass graphics card ….though i have a Geforce 6200 , i dont think it can do proper justice to this game even if i can play it at low settings . Anyways lets talk about the game now is definately inspired from Tokyo Drift as you guys will know when you play it …the drift is back …the cops are gone….and you get your crew members and the canyon racing is getting popular …

First things first …the graphics are damn good , ran it at highest settings …even though the computer got screwd , the lighting , the blur , the smoke , the roads looked damn sexy …so if you wanna experiance it …you need atleast a 6600or equi . Some new features have been added in the race , your crew members ..ahem friends will be racing with you and you can order them to bang the opponet cars ahead of you ..and even if your crew members wins the race …you win…though i dont quite appreciate this feature …hurts the spirit of true racing…cmon you are playing a racing game …not a road rash or so . The Drift racing is back and it is much more harder …at least for me from previous Underground series .. and while challenging a leader you get to race in a canyon where if you fall off ..the race gets over …a new addition as well and quite challenging also .. overall a great game as well .. though i think i will miss the cops…now  check out the screenshots


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  1. Ashok says:

    NFS is one of my favorite game, although I have not seen this version, but definately try soon.

  2. vibhash says:

    I haven’t played carbon yet but i think most wanted was most addictive nfs game…
    few of my frnds already compleated this carbon few days back and they too have given some great reviews about it:)

  3. Most wanted was damn cool . We will definately miss all the cool police chases ..

  4. Praneet says:

    Madhur dont tell me i cant play this on 6200…Man i was wanting to play this game…chal nyways will wrok smthin out…but tell me one thing…if 6200 cant run carbon, how the hell will it run pro street???