How to Download mp3 from Google

This is a simple tutorial i have been using for quite sometime for finding mp3 music on the net . Just thought of sharing it with you . Most of you must be familiar with it but for those who arent …here goes

1) Go to Google

2)In the search box type the following

?intitle:index.of? mp3 [artist] [title]

Replace ‘artist’ with the name of the singer and the ‘title’ with the name of the song . Any one of them will also work . Click the search button

?intitle:index.of? mp3 Westlife

3)You will get the following result

Free Image Hosting at

If you click on the link(i have clicked on the one enclosed in red rectangle) you will get

 Free Image Hosting at

4)Just save the file using Right Click – Save target As and save the file



  1. Ashok says:

    Definately a useful tip specially for music lovers

  2. vibhash says:

    nice resource…i too posted something of this kind few days back…

  3. Spaminator says:

    thnx buddy but limewire and torrentz rulz…

  4. They sure do man but this trip is useful for me since p2p is blocked in my college

  5. cybersix says:

    Definitely a good tips…thanks for sharing.

  6. Vidal says:

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  7. tony says:

    You can try this simple file and unprotected directory search engine, it is based on google co-op: