Exams and Prison Break

Well after compleating neary two and half years of engineering , i have realized one thing that no how hard you try , you have to get screwd . Exams , exams and more exams …you complete an exam , and the next moment another appears . Hell …sometimes i do wonder what made me choose this field . My 5th sem major exams started on 22nd . Three papers are already up and there are three more to go .

Now the worst part of this is that I started watching Prison Break just before exams started . Now i have never been much fan of these TV serials . I had heard of Prison Break but never actually decided to watch . The day before the exams i was feeling a bit bored so i decided to watch Prison Break thinking it is only a 40 minute affair . But WTF , ended up watching 5 episodes in a single sitting . And yesterday i compleated the first season . Now the show is really great , probably the best i have seen , i would recommend it for all , but dont make the mistake like i did . 


  1. Fox Prison Break – I love this band. The video is superb. Just wanna keep watching it!!
    The video has been put in the most awesome way.