Spam , Spam , Spam

The problem of Spam is nowdays almost faced by all the bloggers . Some receive around 1000 spam comments everyday . Luckily we have many ways to tackle the situation . Some may be user friendly or some may not . I have been using Akismet since i stated blogging and to be honest it is doing a good job for me . I receive around 30-50 spam comments daily and it manages to keep them out . But still , sometimes one or two spam makes there way in . That is mostly because of the way that spam is written . Honestly i have seen many changes in the spam style.

Earlier i used to get spam having links to pornographics sites , casions etc  or sometimes even just some non meaningful text . But lately i have seen a wide diversion in the spam style . Including those which i just mentiones , i receive spam which have text like  ” Very Nice Blog ” , “Couldnt have said it better myself ” , “You have written well ” etc with some bad links and sometimes the name and link appear to be genuine . And sometimes these comments find there way . Now there are a lot of otherways to handle like making use of techniques such as ‘image verification’ or recently i have noticed a sort of a mathematical technique which asks a user to answer simple questions such as ” what is 10 + 2 ” before the can post there comment . Now such things are very useful but one question still haunts me is that ” Will a user like it or not ? ” . I mean sometimes i also get frustated at sites which have these type of protection . But that does not stop me from leaving a comment , only a little bit of frustation or ‘what the heck ‘ .. Now the way as things are looking , i dont know whether i will be forced to use this or not .. but for now ….thanks to AKISMET


  1. @Carol
    Updated your link .

  2. Ajay says:

    Hi Madhur,

    Take a look at My Guide

  3. I prefer using math spam plugin, captcha is irritating.

  4. carol says:

    Thanks Madhur.
    For some reason i keep falling into your spam.

  5. Jimmy says:

    WordPress Trackback Spam!!!
    I have installed plugins that prevent comment spams, but this won't prevent trackback to be blocked. I've been spam by many
    MFA websites that most probably is from the same network with trackback, but they are not linking me on their website. May I
    know how do they do it and how do I stop it? Without disabling trackback?
    Thanks, and I'm using WordPress.

  6. @Carol
    Seems like Akismet has gone haywire.

    Will try to find out …

  7. Angad says:

    I use textpattern and for all the time that’s past, I just recieved one comment which was spam. I think it’s because textpattern has the preview before it actually alows you to submit the comment.
    Whatever someone does, spammers will always find a way around.
    And for the record I hate boxes where I have to look at a twisty image and enter the alphabets, etc.