Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Review

So finally after more than a month of waiting i got my hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (thanks to torrents) . The size was an incredible 3.47 GB just because of all the different language files present . The installation was simple and took around 3-4 minutes and then the game was on … was the wait worth it ..

When the game started the first changes i noticed was the menu . This time they have included a photo of “Adriano” in the game menu and the color of the menu is slightly Golden or yellowish . The options were mostly the same including Exhibition Match , Master League , League , Edit etc etc . One or two new things added were an “International Challenge mode ” which makes you take part in the European Qualifiers .  This time Konami has manages to get a few licenses for more of the teams compared to there previous versions but still i would have loved to want more ….. and there is some disappointing news for the German Fans …as the none of the German clubs are in the game …heard they had been removed due to some license issues .The Master League mode is a bit different now . Now you can select the difficulty of the computer teams in the transfer market also and you can also take your teams in the networking mode . The Menu of the master league has been changed and it appears quite dull now , i liked the previous one . Sadly , this time again there is no support for LAN …..dont know why they dont implement it . Over all the game selection menu is similar to its older version ..


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The game started and the first thing that i noticed was the beautiful stadium…this time Konami had really improved the looks of there stadium and they all very well resemble there real life counterparts .  The player graphics looks to be the same from the last version and i dont think Konami has worked on it …but thats not the matter it can still pass good . The crowd in the stadium is as bad as it gets and resemble paper clippings which have just been posted there in the stadium . With the exception of the stadiums i dont think Konami have bothered about anything else in the graphics .

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Now the most important part about the game is the gameplay . Many of the users around the net feel that PES 5 was better than PES 6 and honestly they might not be wrong . While playing the game some might feel that this is better or the previous is better …its there opinion . Not much changes are observable …the player moment is nearly the same …..shooting is much more difficult now …dont know whether there was any need for it  …one positive point is that the computer AI is significantly improved ….they play more intelligently now ….you will see them passing the ball around a lot and then making a killer pass and they also change the tactics according to the flow of the game …The Formation menu is also changes you can manually edit the settings or just specify what you want to do like  “Side attack ” , “centre attack ” etc and the computer will automatically change the settings and formations for you . The sound of the game is definately improved …the commentry is very good now and the same sentences are hardly repeated …and the in-game sounds are also good .

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Overall i dont feel Konami has made the best soccer game …they have not worked on it as hard as we would have liked but still it is a great game to play and i definately recommend it over FIFA 07 . EA has worked quite hard in FIFA 07 but still i dont think the gameplay is upto the mark in FIFA . They still got  a lot of work to do if they want me to play it ….Konami’s PES is definately the way forward . If you guys have complaint about the team , stadium names etc ….go to ….search the forums ….download an option file …and all the names ..logos ..will be fixed …till then…ENJOY …….


  1. Rahul says:

    Th game rocks…if u re a football purist

  2. Ahmedinho says:

    BEST GAME EVER 10/10

  3. Praneet says:

    i was one who liked to play FIFA till Madhur introduced me to Pro Evolution Soccer a couple of years ago…since den wenever i played football games it has been pro it 4,5 or 6..and it is definitely much better than FIFA…and this is the best ever…and it is rocking…