Day i was a gooner

Most of you guys must be knowing that i am a Die Hard Manchester United fan . So me supporting arch rivals Arsenal is a rare case and today was that rare day . And since the match was between Arsenal and Chelsea , i am sure most of the red devils would have been supporting Arsenal .

The game was quite intense with both teams going for the win but it came to life in the 2nd half when Arsenal scored the first goal . After that we had a lot of quick paced action with a stunning goal from Michael Essien drawing Chelsea level . And then to be honest Chelsea played very well and they might have won it .. But overall i am happy that the game has ended in a draw …Good result from my point of view … Now the gap between United and Chelsea is 8 pts which Chelsea having a game in hand  . But the way i United have been playing in recent weeks i reckon that this will be there season …may my wish come true…..FOREVER RED


  1. Rohit says:

    Essiens goal should not stand!!!! Ashley Cole commited a foul to win the ball from Hleb and that’s it! The ball should have never reached Essien!

    And how could Hleb miss the glorious chance! It was their game actually, unfortunately they could’nt capitalize on Chelsea’s bad luck. Oh well…8 points better then 9 :D.

  2. Rohit says:

    Oops I mean’t 8 points better than 6. 😐 My bad … 😛

  3. fuad says:

    i think that this season is man united’s time to win the epl but i wonder if the can do the same in Europe. Epl and ECL, the game style is definitely not the same.

  4. @rohit
    Lets hope it remains 8 after wednesday .

    The next round of CL is definately going to be difficult and i am getting a feeling that we might get drawn against Real Madrid . So CL will definately be tough …but if we win the premiership and lose CL i dont mind..

  5. Rahul says:

    Hold On PPl..This may be the 1st time (and even the last!) when both MAN U and Arsenal Fans are satisfied with the same result..
    Lemme say one thing…ASHLEY COLE IS A BLOODY *)*)$)(*$#()#* …cant add more…In simple words the goal shouldn’t have stood…